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Foreign language Post-it® Notes

Ever wanted an easier way to learn a new language?

We did too! That’s why we created the FlashSticks® App and our award winning language Post-It® notes.

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Scan and translate objects

Foreign language Post-it® Notes

Yes, we really did just say that!

With the FlashSticks® App, simply scan objects around you and the App will recognise and translate them for you.

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A little about us...

We spend our days (and sometimes our nights) at FlashSticks HQ, inventing new ways for us all to learn languages.
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  • Jessica Moore The Linguist magazine (Chartered Institute of Linguists)
    Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best - and FlashSticks are a case in point. These sticky labels are designed to help language learners extend their vocabulary, gain confidence and improve their pronunciation.
  • Marie Boucheny French Tutor, Birmingham University
    The first aspect of FlashSticks that caught my attention was the colour coding - what a fantastic way of remembering gender, with blue (masculine), pink (feminine) and green (other words) notes. I see enormous opportunities for the product inside and outside of the classroom. FlashSticks are an excellent kinaesthetic way of learning that is sure to stick in the heads of its users.
  • Mike Ford Buyer, WHSmith
    FlashSticks are one of the most exciting language learning products to have come onto the market in recent years, which is why we're stocking them in all WHSmith high street stores.
  • Dr Neil Hopkin Headteacher at Peters Hill Primary School
    We’ve noticed an increased engagement in French from our pupils since we started using FlashSticks. And because they enable children to be more independent in their learning, they enable teachers to generate a more personalised path for each child
  • Angela Molinari Head of Language Networks for Excellence, University of Wolverhampton 
    Gone are the days of the student struggling to learn a new language due to a lack of momentum outside the classroom as this original idea is not only fun, but requires far less willpower from the student. I think this could be ideal for teachers and pupils across the country to start getting creative with foreign language learning.
  • Kerstin Hammes Founder of Fluent Language
    If you write your own stickies, you tend to only write words you know, or words you think you should know. This is a fun way of learning a few more.”
  • Carole Blunden Lee Head of Educational Support, Wellington College
    I came across this teaching aid at our education festival in the summer. I immediately stick some of them all over a white board in one of my teaching spaces. The pupils loved them, even though they are aged from 13 to 16. Great fun!
  • Matt Green Buyer, Staples
    Staples is always seeking out new and innovative products for its customers and we feel that FlashSticks® offer a fun and exciting new way to help people of all ages learn a foreign language. At only £5.99, the FlashSticks® Post-it Notes® represent excellent value, especially when combined with the free pronunciation app.
  • Angelika Davey German tutor and translator
    I always encourage my students to find different ways to practise their German outside of lessons. And FlashSticks are a perfect addition. I tell all my students about them!
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