Amanda Fisher
The Family Patch

FlashSticks review by Amanda

Meet Amanda, a Language Lover, a Mum & Blogger

Amanda is a language graduate, mum to one, and blogger. Her love of languages began in secondary school, where she was able to learn multiple foreign languages as part of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Now that she is a mother, she is passionate about giving her son the same opportunity to explore foreign languages and cultures while he is young. She blogs about the way she is doing this, and how the whole family benefits from it (including her own rusty skills!)


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Shannon Kennedy

Meet Shannon, a Language Blogger, Adventurer & Musician

Shannon is a language lover, adventurer and musician
sharing her adventures and language learning tips at Eurolinguiste. She also posts regional recipes and bits about the culture and history of the languages that she studies.

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FlashSticks review by Shannon Kennedy

Luana Lerro
Learn Italian With Me

Luana talks about FlashSticks

Meet Luana Lerro. An Italian, a teacher, a true seeker.

Having traveled and lived in many countries, her deep connection with her roots have always taken her back to Italy, where she now teaches with an incredible passion and love for the Italian language and culture.  She’s not far into this new adventure, but we have a feeling that she will do brilliantly and any student would be very lucky to have her as their teacher.

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Lindsay Dow
Lindsay Does Languages

Language teacher, blogger &  vlogger

Lindsay has featured on our very own FlashSticks blog in the past, and her site is one of our favourites on the web for both entertainment and inspiration.

Her writing is consistently lively and entertaining, and always packed with great ideas for improving your language learning skills — there are a pile of spin-off resources connected to her blog too, from musical playlists to YouTube videos.

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Is Emoji a Language? Lindsay Does Languages

Jonathan Peace

Jonathan Peace at the Language Show in London (2014)

Head Global Understanding at Preston School

One of our classroom pioneers, Jonathan has been using FlashSticks® for some time with his Year 9 class.

As with all good ideas, the beauty of FlashSticks® lies in their simplicity. They have all the information you require about the word or phrase on a Post-it Note®, but from then on you can use them in so many ways The possibilities are endless!

Lucrezia Oddone
Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Italian Language, Culture & Lifestyle Vlogger/Blogger

Lucrezia is 22 years old and she’s an Italian girl from Rome. She loves listening to music, reading books, watching good movies, traveling to discover the world and, of course, filming videos for her YouTube channel and writing her blog! She wanted to start talking about Italian language and culture on the web because there is always someone out there who wants to learn Italian and know more about Italy’s culture and lifestyle. The aim of what she does on the web is let people discover the beauty of Italian language and also culture and lifestyle “nel bel paese” (= the beautiful country).

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Tips to memorise and learn new words

Brian Powers
Languages Around the Globe

Founder of Languages Around the Globe

Meet Brian Powers, the creator of the fantastic “Languages Around the Globe” site, a language and culture blog and social media community dedicated to finding free and cost effective learning methods for independent language learners. Brian lives in Ithaca, New York, with his wife and son.

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Kerstin Hammes
Fluent Language

Author of the Fluent Language blog

Kerstin is a native German speaker and has lived in the UK since 2003. She’s passionate about languages and has studied six of them. Kerstin is the lady behind the popular Fluent Language Blog, author of two language learning guides, and she hosts the Creative Language Learning Podcast, an interview show with fascinating multilingual guests.

A Mum Reviews

Author of A Mum Reviews blog

Petra is a mum and she reviews things. Simple! This blog covers anything that might interest mums and mums-to-be and she writes about things like pregnancy, babies, children, parenting, beauty, pampering, books, food, travel and just family life in general – and products relating to these topics.

Petra reviews products and shares tips and tricks from her own (very long!) experience with babies and children.

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Janina Klimas
Real Life Language

Real Life Language

Meet Janina, Author of Learn ANY Language: A Practical Guide to Learn Any Language to Any Level of Fluency

Janina has taught languages on three continents for the last two decades to students raging from preschool to post-university. She has a BA in Theatre Arts and Foreign Languages, and an MA in the Teaching of Languages. Janina blogs at Real Life Language, where you can download audio, video and materials shared from a life lived learning and teaching languages. Impressed to stumble upon Flashsticks after years of using Post-its to create activities, games, teach vocabulary, help learners understand difficult reading and organize essays for second language students, she is thrilled to find herself using the Flash Academy. You can learn more here

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