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If you love using your mobile device, you’ll love our free app, which helps you pronounce any foreign language word, perfectly. By hovering your smart device over any FlashStick note, you’ll get the helping hand you need from one of our native speaking tutors.

Just search “FlashSticks” in your app store or click the link below…

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How our FREE foreign language app helps you learn

Our app will boost your spoken foreign language vocabulary, by helping you to:

  1. Pronounce words correctly
    Our free app gives you access to our FlashSticks® tutor videos, helping you to pronounce any words you’re struggling with.
  2. Learn more effectively
    By seeing a word, creating an association with the icon and then hearing the word, your brain will retain information more easily.
  3. Learn on the go
    At home, travelling or in the classroom, your FlashSticks® tutor is ready to help you with pronunciation, whenever it’s convenient for you.
  4. Enjoy maximum results, with minimum effort
    Our app is free, it’s intuitive and it will boost your vocabulary, instantly.

Free FlashSticks notes here – try the App right now!

We’re really pretty proud of our Free App, so we’ve created some handy FlashSticks notes (of a non-sticky variety) that you can download here to try it out for yourself – right now, if that’s convenient?  Once you’ve downloaded the notes, you’ll simply need to get the Free FlashSticks App up on your smartphone or tablet and hey presto, you’re ready to try it out.  We’d love to hear what you think…

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How are you improving your foreign language vocabulary?

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Here at FlashSticks®, we’re always looking for ways to improve our app, to make your language learning experience as fun and effective as possible.

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