What's inside a pack of FlashSticks®?

Open up a pack of FlashSticks® and you’ll find a series of unique words printed on Post-it® Notes, ready and waiting for you to use. Each FlashStick note has been coloured to help you learn gender effortlessly (pink notes for feminine nouns, blue notes for masculine nouns, green notes for non-gendered words, e.g. verbs).

Do you find it tricky to pronounce certain foreign words? Fear not! Your FlashSticks® can be used with the free FlashSticks® app. Simply hover a smartphone (iPhone/Android) or tablet over any FlashStick note and one of our tutors will pop up and demonstrate exactly how to pronounce that particular word.

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Absolutely. With each pack, you’ll get a series of unique word Post-it® Notes to stick anywhere and learn in a way that’s convenient for you.

Well, that’s our way of making remembering the gender of the nouns as simple as we possibly can, just for you.

When we were developing FlashSticks®, a number of teachers and tutors explained to us that their students always found remembering which nouns were feminine, and which were masculine, extremely difficult. To solve this problem, each FlashStick note is brightly coloured, as a means of providing an instant memory trigger when it comes to gender.

We’ve made sure that all feminine nouns are pink, masculine nouns are blue and any other words (e.g. verbs and adjectives) are green. It’s just simpler that way.

We’re pleased to say that FlashSticks® are regularly used by children and adults of all ages. In our first 12 months since launch, we’ve sold over 50,000 packs of FlashSticks®, to a wide range of lovely people, of all ages, seeking to boost their language learning.

Beginner – I’m just starting out…

Beginner packs are suitable for learners, both adults and children, which are new to the language. The complete beginner level of FlashSticks® covers the 600 most frequently used words of the language and the key areas of the teaching curriculum.

Key Stage 1-2
Adult A1-A2

Key Topics covered in Beginner packs include:

– Basic Numbers & Colours
– Food & Drink
– Family & Home
– Nature & Pets
– Town, Holiday & Travel
– Shopping & Clothes
– Simple Verbs & Phrases
– Descriptive Adjectives

Intermediate – I already know the basics…

Intermediate packs are suitable for both adult and child learners that already have a basic knowledge of the language. The complete intermediate level of FlashSticks® builds on the beginner level, covers a further 600 frequently used words of the language and key areas of the teaching curriculum (GCSE equivalent).

Key Stage 3-4
Adult B1 – B2Key

Topics covered in Intermediate packs include:

– Family & Home
– Town & Travelling
– Food & Entertainment
– Work & Education
– Health & Body
– Verbs & Phrases
– Descriptive Adjectives

Advanced – I’m pretty proficient already… 

Advanced packs are suitable for both adult and child learners that already have a good level of proficiency in the language. The complete advanced level of FlashSticks® builds on the beginner and intermediate levels, covering a further 600 more advanced words of the language and key areas of the teaching curriculum (A Level equivalent).

Key Stage 5
Adult C1 – C2

Key Topics covered in Advanced packs include:

– Family & Home
– Town & Travelling
– Food & Entertainment
– Work & Education
– Health & Body
– Verbs & Phrases
– Descriptive Adjectives

They certainly are. Every FlashStick note is a genuine Post-it® Note, produced by 3M.

In addition to French, Spanish, German and Italian, we’re already in the latter stages of developing FlashSticks® to help people to learn English and British Sign Language.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve entered into an exclusive collaboration with the UK’s main British Sign Language awarding body, Signature, who are kindly assisting in the development of FlashSticks® for BSL.

We are also in the process of developing FlashSticks® in a number of other languages. If you’ve got a particular language that you’d like to see, simply click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

As a team, and after speaking at length with teachers, tutors and learners, we thought long and hard about the right phonetic system for FlashSticks®. The key question we sought to answer was whether we should adopt the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Ultimately, we wanted FlashSticks® to be simple. We wanted anyone to be able to pick them up and use them, without any prior knowledge of the language, which is why we eventually settled on using a very simple phonetic transcription system.

The primary purpose of FlashSticks® is to help you to learn and remember foreign language vocabulary, acting as a complement to the many other language learning tools and techniques on offer.

It took us a LONG time to finally settle on the format that you see today. Fuelled by unspeakable amounts of coffee, we debated whether we should include the definite and indefinite articles, plural forms and the conjugation of verbs.

It was a pretty intense time for us, to say the least.

While some of these additions may come one day, for now, we’ve decided to focus on simplicity. We hope you’ll love what we’ve come up with. And, as always, if you’d like to tell us about your FlashSticks® experience then we’re all ears. Don’t be shy, come and say hi!

The FlashSticks® App allows you to hover your smartphone or tablet (iPhones, iPads or Android devices) over any FlashStick note, to see a quick pronunciation video from one of our tutors.

We think our free app is pretty cool, but we’re also busy, as we speak, working hard to develop new and exciting additional features, to improve your FlashSticks® learning experience. Watch this space! To download the free app, click here.

For more information about the app visit the app page

It certainly is. And it’s all part of the FlashSticks® language learning experience. To get the app, just click here. We’ll have you speaking like a native in no time.

For more information on the app visit the app page

We’re glad you asked. Right now, our FlashSticks® app works with iPhones (4 and above), iPads and Android devices. We are, however, working hard to make the app available across other devices in the very near future.

For more information on the app visit the app page

Just when we think we’ve answered that question, one of our loyal Facebook fans, or Twitter followers, surprises us with a crazy image of them using FlashSticks® in a way that we could never have imagined in our wildest dreams.

And that’s the beauty of FlashSticks®.

You can stick them anywhere you like, in the way that works best for you. Some members of the FlashSticks® family use them to label everything in their home, office or classroom, while others place them all around in convenient places, so that they can passively learn some new words as they’re going about their daily routine.

We’ve seen FlashSticks® stuck on tortoises, iconic statues and even on trees next to waterfalls. It seems that the creativity of the FlashSticks® family knows no bounds!

FlashSticks® are also proving popular with the whole family, as they offer the opportunity for multiple people to learn simultaneously, in the home, in the playroom or out and about on the go, in all sorts of weird and wonderful places.

Our work with language specialists has shown us just how many people give up with languages because, after the initial enthusiasm has worn off, they’re not able to keep up their learning momentum. All we’re trying to do here at FlashSticks® is help to make language learning a part of your life, encouraging you to learn a few new words every day, with very little effort.

If you’re looking for inspiration for where to stick your FlashSticks®, make sure you come and say hello on any one of our social media pages or check out our blog.

We’d love to hear from you and we can’t wait to see where you stick yours.

FlashSticks® are printed Post-it® Notes, so they can be used several times before the adhesive wears off.

Some people simply use them to learn new words and then dispose of them. Others store the notes in a blank book, for re-use again in the future. Our new learning box sets contain a sticker book, to allow you to organise your notes for re-use in the future, while giving you a record of the words that you’ve learned so far.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, that’s exactly why we created FlashSticks®. We see them as a valuable tool for language learners who are looking to boost their vocabulary, irrespective of which other learning/teaching techniques they’re using.

Here at FlashSticks®, we believe that language learning should be fun. And if we can help with that in some small way, we see that as a job well done.

We’re here for the long haul and we hope to help you progress in your language learning, making your language learning goals a reality, no matter how modest or lofty they may be.

FlashSticks® provide a fun and ‘engaged learning’ tool for the Primary School classroom. They help to create a ‘print rich classroom environment’ (as required by OFSTED) and one that also helps to engage children, through the use of tablets.

All of our beginner packs of FlashSticks® have been aligned to Key Stage 1-2 vocabulary and teaching topics, covering areas such as:

  • Basic Numbers & Colours
  • Simple Verbs & Phrases
  • Descriptive Adjectives
  • Food & Drink
  • Family & Home
  • Nature & Pets
  • Town, Holiday & Travel
  • Shopping & Clothes

FlashSticks® provide a simple and engaging way to boost your students’ foreign language vocabulary. And it’s this simplicity that is quickly making FlashSticks® the language teaching and learning tool of choice in a growing number of Secondary Schools, all across the UK.

To help you, as a teacher, to realise your language teaching goals, and to ensure that your students succeed in their exams, our intermediate packs are aligned with Key Stage 3-4 vocabulary and teaching topics, covering areas such as:

  • Verbs & Phrases
  • Descriptive Adjectives
  • Family & Home
  • Town & Travelling
  • Food & Entertainment
  • Work & Education
  • Health & Body

We’ve spent a lot of time over the past year talking to language schools and the story we hear repeated over and over is one centred around language learners, who are full of potential, dropping out of their classes due to a lack of momentum. Students’ intentions are always good, but life intervenes or they stop making progress at the pace they’d hoped.

And that’s why FlashSticks® seem to work; they provide a simple way to boost traditional learning patterns. Sticking notes up in convenient places helps prompt ongoing learning on a daily basis, without the need to schedule time to sit-down and learn in the traditionally formal way.

Once again, we designed our FlashSticks® to cater for varying capabilities of adult language learners, including:

  • Beginner (A1-A2)
  • Intermediate (B1-B2)
  • Advanced (C1-C2)

You can buy FlashSticks® directly though our website. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can pop into any WHSmith high street store or any Staples, as well as grabbing a pack for yourself from Amazon, YPO and KCS.