Fun language learning that sticks!

Being sticky means you can put your FlashSticks® pretty much anywhere, helping you learn as you simply go about your day.

Label objects, stick some up on the bathroom mirror or fridge… The possibilities are endless!

Notes with super powers

With the FlashSticks® App, simply hover your smartphone or tablet over any note and a video of one of our native tutors pops-up to help you pronounce the word.

Free to Download.

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Learn a few new words everyday.

Immerse yourself in the words you're trying to learn.

Learn while brushing your teeth, getting dressed, making a cup of tea...

Organise your notes in our sticker books (Box Sets only)

At home.
At the office.
At school.
On the Go!

Bring your family's learning together.

The most common reason people fail at language learning  is a lack of momentum. Do any of these sound familiar?