That eureka moment!

Our adventure began when Richard, one of our original founders, was working in a business park in Spain. He needed to learn Spanish quickly and although he was taking lessons, he was looking for a way to keep progressing in between.

Richard knew from his previous experience with languages that unless he could find a simple way to keep improving he would likely struggle to keep going.

He started handwriting Spanish words on sticky notes.

His notes helped him keep learning almost effortlessly each day.

Different coloured notes helped him to remember the gender of each word.

The burning question in Richard’s mind was:

“Why aren’t pre-printed language sticky
notes available to buy?”

Bringing FlashSticks to life

Determined to make printed language sticky notes a reality for himself and for other learners, Richard set out on a journey to see if it was possible.


A big, big thank you to everyone that has supported us so far.

This is us!

Our original team of two has grown quite a bit since the start…


Our super busy Director

A clever and technical mind, he’s the brains behind FlashSticks® and the one who came up with the idea in the first place. Richard loves football and is a huge Arsenal fan. Although still struggling with Spanish, he’s keen on languages and very proud of his invention.

Connect with Richard:



He’s the one responsible for guiding the FlashSticks® team on this incredible journey, making sure we all think big.

Connect with Veejay:


Our friendly Sales Director

Genuinely in love with FlashSticks®, Simon is on a one man mission to tell everyone, and we mean everyone, about FlashSticks®. And he’s doing a pretty fine job of that so far. Simon is a big travel fan who’s making an effort to learn French…with FlashSticks®, of course.

Connect with Simon:



Ben is our amazingly talented in-house graphic designer. He works on the FlashSticks® brand as well as on our new exciting projects. He loves sports (pretty much every sport there is!), and is trying to develop his foreign languages day by day from all of his multi-lingual colleagues!


Product Manager

Lauren is part of our growing product development team and is passionate about promoting language learning. She has a love for all things French, especially the food. In her spare time she can often be found watching a tennis match or her beloved football team, Aston Villa. She also enjoys dancing and finds it hard to resist having a boogie when music is playing!!


Education Consultant

Natasha works with our growing community of schools using both FlashSticks and FlashAcademy to improve learning outcomes for their students


Marketing Manager

Meet Francesco, part of our marketing team. Francesco is a big fan of everything technology, productivity tools, tea, motorsport and marketing (surprisingly).

Feel free to reach out to Francesco and the social team on Twitter @FlashSticks.



Marketing Manager

Meet Izzy, the Marketing Manager at FlashSticks.

She loves all things languages and hopes to learn some Mandarin, Italian and German during her time at FlashSticks, as well as improve her Spanish and French.


French expert

Solène is our French expert. She’s working on developing the French content for the app as well as Learn English for French. She also manages our instagram: @flashsticks.

Connect with Solène to talk all things French


German expert

Johanna is our German expert. She’s working on developing our German content for the app as well as Learn English for German. She also writes for our blog and you’ll see her on our Twitter and Snapchat.


Italian expert

Giulia is our Italian expert. She is developing the Italian content for the app as well as Learn English for Italian. She also helps out with Mandarin too, writes for our blog and you’ll also see her on Twitter and Snapchat.


Video Media

Joe is our very talented video expert. He loves making videos for us and his YouTube channel!

Some of what we’re up to at the moment...

Things are pretty busy at FlashSticks HQ at the moment, but you won’t hear us complaining!

Our still very small team, combined with some very lovely contributors from around the world are working flat out to help launch FlashSticks for new languages and to keep developing exciting new ways to learn.

FlashSticks for more languages are coming soon…

Listen out for news about the FlashSticks Podcast.

We’re currently running free interactive language lessons in UK schools.

Even more new and exciting features coming for the new APP.

We hope to see you at Language Show Live 2016, Olympia.

Hopefully, you’ve tried out our new, shiny FlashAcademy app®.
It’s free to download on the App and Play stores, if you’ve yet to have a go.

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Starting languages early...

One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do is working with children and schools, to help with interactive and engaging language lessons.

Our trained languages team run free language lessons for schools across the UK, demonstrating how the physical and digital FlashSticks resources can be used to completely engage children with languages.

For more about our free school language lessons and teachers resources, click here.