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Hello Flashsticks Family,

We hope everyone is well and everyone is still keeping with their New Year’s Resolutions!
We are happy to be joining in with the Snapchat world today – Today we are officially announcing our Flashsticks SnapChat account “Flashsticks”.

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The idea behind this move is to create a more immersive experience for you all, the world of language learners.


Our story on Snapchat will be for sharing language learning material – ways to learn, vocabulary, great articles to read, funny sketches, awesome content online that we find and the occasional exclusive to Snapchatters offers.

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This has been designed to help engage you with language even more.

1. We’ll announce one of these on Twitter, let’s take #FrenchHour for example.

2. Flip out Snapchat on your phones and send in a video/image of the word/sentence you’d like know and who you are

3. One of our Language Tutors will send back a video response of how to say that in French (in this case)

4. You get to learn a new phase from a native speaker!


– Send one in each time – or else we will be overloaded

– Let us know if you were missed out on Twitter and we’ll add you and get back to you

– Tweet about what you learnt with #flashstickshour afterwards


Feel free to send in any of your language learning photos, we can RT them on Twitter if they are awesome!
Add us today officially at “flashsticks” – Can’t wait to see you all there!
And keep an eye out for many more new Snaps!
Merci, Gracias and Grazie!

Thank you,

the FlashSticks Team!