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FlashSticks are the perfect revision aid.

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What is FlashAcademy?

When we’re engaged, we learn more. That’s why our app has a combination of lessons, games, grammar and culture tips for an all-round learning experience. Try it now!

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Integrate with your FlashSticks Post-it notes for exclusive videos from our tutors.

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Grow your vocabulary

A world of words in your pocket.

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Have fun

Put your skills to the test with our word game challenges – you can even compete with friends.

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Speak like a native

Frozen by fear? Our state-of-the-art comprehension technology ensures your pronunciation is perfect and your confidence rockets.

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Immerse yourself

FlashAcademy grows with you. As your skills improve, the app ramps up the challenge with more in-depth games and tasks.

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Grammar made easy

Nobody likes grammar, but it’s important. Our interactive lessons wave goodbye to boring grammar drills so you’ll be speaking in no time.

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Be curious

Point, tap, translate. Our innovative object translation technology instantly translates the world around you.

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